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March 25-29 3-5pm PST

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You'll Learn:

🚨 Tools to show you EXACTLY what your customers are searching for

📢 Online launch systems that actually CONVERT to sales

🚀 How to build recurring revenue streams into your business

🙌 How to build your personal brand with authority and authenticity.

🔥 How to use Podcasts, YouTube, and social media to grow your audience FAST

✅ Email campaigns that cut through and create value for your subscribers

"Today it's easier than ever before to be a

highly-paid Speaker, Author or Consultant.

The secret is knowing where to focus your time and effort. 

These Summits give everyone the blueprint for success."

- Cydney O'Sullivan, host of the Celebrity Summits

Learn how to be the celebrity in your field, and Improve Your Profits from Celebrity Experts who are walking their talk.

Become a member of an amazing Entrepreneur Community,

so you don't have to do it all alone!

Join our international community of successful entrepreneurs, where

you can network with professionals and high-level mentors.

We'll show you the fastest path to personal and professional fulfilment with our

Celebrity Experts 9 Step Roadmap to Success. Each month we focus on the next

foundational success principle to build your saleable, automated online cash machine

so you can finally step into your own personal power and

make a greater impact with the rest of your life.


Access Replays and Create Your Personal Roadmap To Success

  • After each day's training, you'll get free 24hr access to the replays
  • PLUS you'll get the "roadmaps" -- of what these celebrity influencers are teaching you!
  • Q&A sessions in our private members area will also help enhance your learning
  • You'll get invitations to join us at live events throughout the year to learn at a deeper level celebrity and millionaire marketing from the specialists

Learn the Fast Track Strategies to Monetize Your Expertise, and

Automate Your Business, from the Experts!

Just Some of our Celebrity Summits Featured Speakers...

Cydney O'Sullivan

Founder of the Ultimate Author Retreats, Celebrity Publishers and Millionaires Academy and 18 times best selling author

Jack Canfield

World famous Speaker and Author, Success Principles and co-founder of the international hit success Chicken Soup For The Soul brand

Sharon Pearson

Founder of the Coaching Institute, multiple best selling author, speaker and international Coaching Business Icon, speaker and investor

Bernie Griffiths

The Photographers Mentor teaching photographers all over the world to build 6-7+ figure businesses, Bernie is in his 70's!

Kerry Fitzgibbon

The Facebook guru, sharing the secrets she teaches business owners to massively grow their businesses and profits

Greg Writer

on a mission to help celebrities and influencers accelerate their business growth, increase their incomes and build their brand and e-commerce

Danielle Kettlewell

The Unlikely Olympian best selling author, life transformation coach, Instagram and Tik Tok influencer, Igniter, Space Holder, Healing Facilitator.

Matt Levy, OAM

Born premature, Matt is a Paralympic Gold Medalist, bestselling author, public speaker, and manager – due to a mindset he developed fighting for life

Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Best selling author, speaker and business specialist. As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses.

John Lawson III

Celebrated as one of the Top 100 SMB Influencers and The 50 Most Influential in SMB Marketing, 3-time Amazon #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur and international speaker.

Alicia Lyttle

Most known for helping people to start their online business, Alicia has trained thousands of people across the globe and has a 20-year track record of experience as an online entrepreneur

Rohan Sheth

Online marketing guru for Anthony Robbins, Dean Grazioso and other successful celebrity brands. An in-demand speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, he has shared expertise on stages across the world with business celebrities.

Dame Doria Cordova

Best selling author, CEO / Owner of Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You® Program, has inspired today’s best-known business education, wealth experts and touched millions of lives

Roberto Candeleria

Is a Business Profit Architect, his strategies generate even more profits for, and with, his client's communities. Roberto is a sponsorship expert and best selling author

Terri Levine

Business mentoring expert and the Chief at Heart-repreneur® LLC. She is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, radio host, and appears regularly in the media as a business coaching and consulting expert

GG Franz

Bestselling author, speaker, GG is trained to the highest standards and continues to learn about the mind and how to overcome dysfunctions which occur from time to time.

Lynn Rose

Celebrity Speaker, Singer, bestselling Author, Founder of the WOW Maker platform helping influencers make a greater impact on the world.

Johann Nogueira

His latest business has reached a valuation of 8 figures in 2.5 years. Johann has increased the bottom lines of over 1,000 clients in more than 40 industries worldwide.

Jen DeVore Richter

Former marketing executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, Jen learned creating personality driven and information-based marketing. .

Emerson Brantley

Best Selling author, Speaker, Master Marketing Strategist & High-Conversion Copywriter, EmbraceYourMarket.com

What others are saying about Celebrity Summits...

Meet Your Host, Cydney O'Sullivan

"The Celebrity Maker"

Cydney is the founder of Celebrity Experts and the Millionaires Academy, 18-times bestselling business book author, internationally respected wealth coach, Guerrilla Marketing and Success Principles consultant.

She is also the founder of Millionaires Training Foundation, a non-profit educational program with a goal to foster entrepreneurship.

For almost 20 years she's helped hundreds of experts every year to become best selling authors and speakers with her Best Seller Success and Celebrity Fast Track programs.

She loves helping others build their 7-figure businesses and find their Million Dollar Message.

"You will long feel gratitude to Cydney O’Sullivan for putting these secrets all together for you ... in the easy way to learn them. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long to apply them."

Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

The best known marketing brand in history

Over 21 million sold; in 62 languages

"By combining the experience and knowledge of a range of experts this program condenses what works in a manageable, practical and priceless guide. If you want to not only survive but thrive in today's business environment, then this is a must.”

Leon Jay, Growth Hacking Expert

"If you are looking for short cuts to being a successful millionaire, and if you want to learn from the superstars she has interviewed, then this training program is a must!”

Alicia Lyttle, International Speaker and Internet Marketing Expert

"Cydney has brought together a star list of Internet marketers to bring their wisdom, their expertise and direct advice on how to be wildly successful online... Apply five or more of these wealth creation strategies and get ready for dramatic result in your business. Brace for yourself for an incredible future.

Clinton Swaine, CEO and Founder of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business games.

"Cydney is one of the most dynamic professionals I have met in my many years as a marketing and business professional. Her business is designed to help women and men become more successful and independent."

Sharon Williams, Taurus Marketing, international PR specialists

"Working with Cydney has been a joy. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise in business consulting, has seen my business take a quantum leap!"

Bernie Griffiths, Director ASWPP

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